About DSR Secure Storage Facility – Buffalo, NY

DSR, Inc. Offers Cost-Effective Personal & Business Secure Storage Facilities, Centrally Located For The Buffalo – Niagara Falls Region, Just 1/2 Mile Off I190 In Tonawanda, NY

DSR Secure Storage Facility Offers Cost-Effective Secure Storage Space Rental In Tonawanda, NY (Background Photo By Chuttersnap)
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DSR Secure Storage Facility

We Securely Store What You Don’t Have Room For

The DSR Secure Storage Facility is centrally located for the Buffalo – Niagara Falls Region, just 1/2 mile from I190 Junction 15, in Tonawanda, NY.

Our well-lit Outside Storage Compound is protected by a high chain mail fence with a security gate that can only be operated with a secure keycard. The entire facility is continuously monitored by 16 high-resolution day- and night-vision security cameras that record the activities of users in every part of the compound.

We Are Easy To Get To, Easy To Use, & Your Belongings Are Safe With Us!


Flexible Storage Options

We offer 3 types of storage within our Secure Storage Compound:

Your Most Cost-Effective Local Secure Storage Option

DSR Storage is cost effective for 2 main reasons:

  • We are an Outside Storage Facility, with external Vehicle Storage and weatherproof Secure Storage Units that do not feature expensive temperature- or humidity-control.
  • We are located in an essentially non-residential business district in Tonawanda, NY

We offer both Short-Term (1 month minimum) and discounted Long-Term storage contracts.

So if you are located in the Buffalo – Niagara Falls Region and are looking for Secure storage space that is extremely Cost-Competitive and Easy to Access, we are confident that you will find the DSR Storage Facility is an ideal match for your requirements.

$SAVE$ And Protect Your Belongings By Renting Storage Space At The DSR Cost-Effective, 24/7 Monitored, Secure Storage Facility
Centrally Located For The Buffalo, NY – Niagara Falls Region, Just 1/2 Mile Off I190 In Tonawanda, NY
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