DSR Secure Vehicle Storage Facility – Buffalo, NY

$SAVE$ – Secure, Clean, Well-Lit, & Very Cost-Effective Storage For RVs, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Boats… Centrally Located For The Buffalo – Niagara Falls Region, Just 1/2 Mile Off I190 In Tonawanda, NY.

  • DSR Secure RV / Camper / Motorhome... Storage Facility, Cost-Effective & Secure RV Storage For Buffalo, NY & WNY (Photo Courtesy of Togo RV)

DSR Secure Vehicle Storage Facility

The DSR secure, outside, Vehicle Storage Compound is video-monitored 24/7 and offers cost-effective local storage for all kinds and all sizes of Vehicles:

  • All kinds of Recreational Vehicles including RVs, Campers, Motorhomes…
  • All kinds of Automobiles including personal or commercial Cars & SUVs, Vans, and Trucks of any size…
  • All kinds of Motorcycles, ATVs, & Snowmobiles, on or off trailers…
  • All kinds of Trailers
  • Clean Industrial & Commercial Equipment… that can be safely stored outside
  • Almost anything that can stay outside…

Secure & Cost-Effective Vehicle Storage For WNY

DSR Outside Storage Compound

If you have any kind of vehicle, boat, or equipment and you want to get it off your driveway, or out of your garage, DSR Vehicle Storage is your ideal solution in the Buffalo, NY area.

  • Your Vehicle is accessible to you at any time, 24-hours a day
  • Your Vehicle is secured inside our fenced compound, behind locked gates
  • You will be given individual keycard access (for authorized users only)
  • Your Vehicle is continuously monitored under 24/7/365 surveillance by our security camera system
  • $SAVE$ – We offer very competitively priced storage space rental in our outside Vehicle Storage Compound
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Vehicle Storage Available – see our Storage Space Rental Terms

DSR Vehicle Storage Guidelines

If you are considering storing a vehicle at the DSR Vehicle Storage Compound, please consider these general vehicle storage guidelines and be sure to refer to our Storage Space Rental Terms for more information.

  • Proof Of Insurance Is Required – all vehicles must be covered by your insurance, or you may purchase suitable insurance from us
  • We do encourage the use of Covers for vehicles stored in our outside storage compound
  • We do encourage the use of wheel locks, lockable tie downs, etc. for additional security
  • All wheels & tires, on all stored vehicles or trailers, must be in good working order
  • For Long-Term Storage, we advise that you remove as much gasoline as possible from your fuel tank and add a stabilizing treatment to any residual gasoline
  • Repairs or extensive maintenance may NOT be performed inside the DSR vehicle storage compound
  • If you prefer indoor/weatherproof storage, some small vehicles, like Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles… and small kayaks, may also fit inside our 10×10 self storage, or 5×10 mini storage units

$SAVE$ And Protect Your Vehicle By Renting Space At The DSR Cost-Effective, 24/7 Monitored, Secure Storage Facility
Centrally Located For The Buffalo, NY – Niagara Falls Region, Just 1/2 Mile Off I190 In Tonawanda, NY
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