DSR Secure Boat & Jetski Watercraft Storage Facility – Buffalo, NY

$SAVE$ – Secure, Clean, Well-Lit, & Very Cost-Effective Storage For Yachts, Power Boats, Sail Boats, Jetskis… Centrally Located For The Buffalo – Niagara Falls Region, Just 1/2 Mile Off I190 In Tonawanda, NY.

DSR Secure Boat Storage Facility - Buffalo, NY & WNY (Background Photo By of Jean Cloete)
The DSR Secure Boat Storage Compound Is Clean, Well-Lit, Very Secure, & Offers You Very Competitively Priced Outdoor Local Storage Rental Space

DSR Secure Boat Storage Facility

The DSR secure, outside, Boat storage compound is video-monitored 24/7 and offers cost-effective local storage for all kinds and all sizes of Watercraft:

  • Yachts, Power Boats, Sail Boats, Jetskis, Kayaks & Canoes
  • Personal Boats, Police, Border Patrol, & Coastguard Boats
  • Boats on Trailers or properly supported on your Boat Stands, Boats with or without Canvas, Covers, or Wrap
  • As well as all other kinds of Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Automobiles, & Motorcycles

Secure & Cost-Effective Boat Storage For WNY

If you have any kind of boat, and you want to get it off your driveway, or out of your garage, during the off-season, DSR Boat Storage is your ideal solution in the Buffalo, NY area.

Boats come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but they can all take up a lot of room and can cause considerable inconvenience on your driveway or in your garage. Most boats also represent a considerable investment that is also at risk of inadvertent damage with vehicles, snowthrowers, and other traffic maneuvering around them.

And storing your boat at one of the areas many marinas can cause all kinds of logistical challenges at the beginning of the season, when every other boater wants to get their boat onto the water at the same time.

The biggest reasons that Boat owners cite for suffering the significant inconveniences of storing their boat at home, all winter long, are worries about the security of their boat and concerns over the expense of storing their boat at a local storage facility. If this situation sounds familiar to you, and you live in Western New York, consider the many benefits of storing your Boat at the DSR Outside Secure Boat Storage Compound:

  • Your Boat is accessible to you at any time, 24-hours a day
  • Your Boat is secured inside our fenced compound, behind locked gates
  • You will be given individual keycard access (for authorized users only)
  • Your Boat is continuously monitored under 24/7/365 surveillance by our security camera system
  • $SAVE$ – We offer very competitively priced storage space rental in our outside Boat storage compound
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Boat Storage Available – see our Storage Space Rental Terms

$SAVE$ And Protect Your Boat By Renting Space At The DSR Cost-Effective, 24/7 Monitored, Secure Storage Facility
Centrally Located For The Buffalo, NY – Niagara Falls Region, Just 1/2 Mile Off I190 In Tonawanda, NY
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